Version 0.6.2-beta.1 Released

06 Mar 2018

This version brings a major overhaul to the structure of the code, while leaving the API mostly intact. Importantly, it fixes the issue that resulted in the local mode not using 100% of CPU power.

Major Changes

Minor Changes

Version 0.6.2 in initial development: new features coming!

16 Aug 2017

I have recently been working on version 0.6.2. I am excited about the changes. read more

Version 0.6.1b9 Released

03 Aug 2017

This fixes several bugs in documentation and packaging but makes no changes to the code.

Version 0.6.1-beta.8 Released

03 Aug 2017

I decided to put fyrd on PyPI so that it can now be installed directly with pip. This required a few changes to the documentation and though, so this release just bundles all of those changes to make v0.6.1-beta.8 consistent between PyPI and github.

Version 0.6.1-beta.7 Released

02 Aug 2017

I have not had much time to work on fyrd in the last few months, so this release represents fairly minor fixes.

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Persistent Problems with Local Mode

30 Nov 2016

It has come to my attention that the local mode is not very stable, it sometimes takes a very long time to run jobs, and occasionally fails completely for no good reason. I don’t have enough time to fix this in the next few days, it will probably require a large rewrite. The batch system functionality is intact though, I will post again when the local mode works.

Version 0.6.1-beta.6 Released

14 Nov 2016

All scripts that used to be in bin/ have been moved into a single entry-point script called fyrd and are managed as subcommands instead of as separate scripts.

Scripts with the same name of those previously in bin/ still remiain, but they have thus all been converted to shell scripts that are simple aliases of the relevant fyrd subcommands.

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Version 0.6.1-beta.5 Released

02 Nov 2016

This version represents a large API break and a significant step towards making fyrd more similar to the multiprocessing library.

The largest change in this version is that way the Job objects return outputs. Previously, Job.get() would return (exitcode, stdout, stderr), now it just returns the output, which is either the function return value, or the contents of STDOUT.

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